Friday, December 31, 2010

To-Do List

This is mostly a note to self. XD

[EDIT!!!] KAZUMI 3 & her Power Append's release will be delayed because I decided I wasn't doing those voices properly and will be killing myself re-recording all of those as well as Shin's. ^^

- Design KAZUMI's Append outfit. (Done with all the appends she'll ever get... maybe.)
- Release KAZUMI 3
- Make Shin's voicebank... properly
- Finish Ayu's Tsumi to Batsu
- Draw cover art for 16-bit Warz; Corruption Garden
- Record breaths
- Finalize Shin's design
- Do English voicebank for KAZUMI
- Redo Ayu's design?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Voicebank Release ~ Yanagine Ayu 2.0

Download Ayu 2.0

{ Updates in this Release }
All new voicebank (everything is re-recorded with my new microphone).
That means she has a much better sound quality than 1.0

Will be adding more sounds and re-recording some for the next update~

For a sample, watch the video & Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays!
For the MP3 of the song, click on the video. The link is in the description. ;D

Saturday, December 4, 2010

【UTAU】 StargazeR 【KAZUMI】

Since the procedure to change VCV ust to CV was requested, here's how to do it for yurahonya's StargazeR ust.

1. Click here and download the Untriphonizer (VCV->CV) Plugin. Also, if you do not already have the UTAU English patch, you should probably download that as well, since that will make following these instructions easier as I have the patch installed. Follow the instructions that come with them to convert the UST to CV first.

2. Yurahonya uses his/her own custom plugins for UTAU so first you have to reset the project settings. To do this go to Project -> Project Properties -> Click the button all the way at the bottom of the box that pops up. (And just in case, click the button to the left of the OK button.) Click 'OK' for any other popup boxes.

3. Now we have to reset the Preutterance & Overlap values. Select all the notes (Ctrl+A) and right click on a note. Go to the last option on the drop-down. In the pop-up box, press the 'Clear' button beside Preutterance & Overlap. Then spacebar on the box for STP. That should clear all three boxes. Then press 'OK'. Once these steps are done, the UST is already pretty much CV.

4. Extra steps to make sure your UTAU sings the ust properly: Select your UTAU of choice. Make sure that if it has special filters to make it better you enter those in the project properties box (in the last line before the 'OK' and 'Cancel' button. Next, select all the notes, press the ACPT, P2P3, and then ACPT button in that order. They should be under the Trace & Render buttons. Finally, click on Render.

Please note that if you reset envelopes and/or use A-la-carte on the entire UST, you might not get the effect that yurahonya (or any ust maker) placed on the notes' pitches.


Sunday, October 10, 2010

More updates

Planning an English APPEND for Ayu with my own English CV reclist.
(I think there's way more sounds than Japanese which means her voicebank might be huge after the addition of the APPEND, which is why I'm making it an APPEND. I will be recording all CVs for a vowel sound in one file and then splitting them by oto.ini to save time.)

I redid Shin and decided to make him Ayu's older brother. He sounds like an older, more feminine Len. (Will be releasing Alluring Secret ~black vow~ featuring Shin after I draw a lot of art for it.)
Shin will probably be my private UTAU as his voice sounds too similar to Len and I don't want him to become like a replacement for Len.

I also have a sort of background story for all three of my UTAUs while I was trying to come up with image ideas for Alluring Secret. So I will make a post for that later on.

Also, I'm 1/3 done with editing the UST for SNSD's Genie (JP ver.). The midi I have for it is for the Korean version so some verses needed major editing and I still need to get it more accurate (cuz it's really throwing off the instrumental too, which is horrible for covering with a chorus).
In any case, I picked a couple of Japan UTAUs and overseas UTAUs. I picked mostly deeper toned females (probably not the right term) and left out some UTAUs that I've used already. It sounds really cool and I wish I could just get those 2/3 off tempo verses corrected so I could quickly finish the rest. I picked an UTAU for each member of SNSD too. The art for it is going to give me a lot of trouble too. XD

Priorities for Now:
1. Alluring Secret ~black vow~ (Ayu & Shin)
2. Genie Chorus (9 UTAUs)
3. English prototype APPEND (Ayu)
4. Semi-complete VB for Shin

Other Stuff To Do:
Hotaru UST; Chinese VB.....

***I might release Shin as an English only UTAU if my English reclist works well & I can work my Len voice in English***

Unreleased Songs (still):
- Koi wa Sensou -clubhouse mix- (KAZUMI)
- KazuKazu Night Fever! (KAZUMI)
- Fukai Mori (Fukai Mori)
- Matryoshka (KAZUMI ft. Ruko) - Working on art 20% done

Sunday, October 3, 2010

RELEASE! Yanagine Ayu

(( The title of this post reminds me of Cardcaptors. XD ))

Here is her debut video!

ki - Also has the link to her voicebank download~

Since this is Ayu's ACT 1, I will be considering upgrading her to ACT 2 like I did with KAZUMI.
As to which one will be the multilingual UTAU, we shall see. ;D

Saturday, September 25, 2010

More UTAU projects~

Still working on Mozaik Role--actually, haven't made any progress on it.
Working on a prototype UTAU. Her name is Yagine Ayu and basically her voice is the child version of KAZUMI's. If I like her enough, she will be ACT 2'd over winter break. If she's too similar to KAZUMI, I'll just scrap her and continue updating KAZUMI into full voicebank + Chinese. If I like her better than KAZUMI, I will scrap KAZUMI and make Ayu my main. :3
(Though I secretly wish I had a male voice so I could make a male voicebank.)
Started working on KAZUMI's Chinese voicebank but it fits Ayu's voicebank better so I might change that.

Songs Unreleased:
1. Matryoshka (KAZUMI ft. Yokune Ruko)
2. Fukai Mori
3. Love is War -clubhouse remix-
4. Tsumugi Uta (KAZUKI)
5. Lion (KAZUMI & Yokune Ruko)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

KAZUMI updates & future releases.

First off, I'm working on KAZUMI's official MMD model.
I'm planning on making her head out of two custom girl models; her body out of Gumi, FL-chan, and some other models (probably Piron's stuff).
I'm planning on debuting her model with BeMYSELF, covered by KAZUMI (short version only though.)

When the model is more perfected, I will release Renai Circulation; covered only if I find a good ust or midi for it.

Songs that I have yet to release for KAZUMI
01. Koi wa Sensou -Clubhouse remix-
02. Tsumugi Uta
03. Lilium
04. Mozaik Role

I know I said on my Mozaik Role preview on Youtube that I would finish it by the end of this week, but that's probably not going to happen because I'm a slowpoke and have a short-attention span. LOL.

- - Updates on KAZUMI's oto.ini - - - - - - -
I've been fiddling with KAZUMI's oto.ini and fixed a lot of her sounds except for the overlap/start of note stuff because I still don't get what to do with those. But anyway, KAZUMI sounds great for the most part if you set all the notes to 40ms overlap and pre-utter (and use A LA CARTE note linking). I believe the last version of KAZUMI released had the oto.ini I set for Paradichlorobenzene plus some minor tweaks. The ust for Paradichlorobenezene did not have any linking so I configured the sounds in that song according to ear to make KAZUMI sing more naturally.

- - Future Future Plans - - - - - - - - - - - -
The next time I get back home, I want to expand KAZUMI's voicebank and probably include one or two more languages. As English seems a little complicated, I'll probably do Mandarin and work a little on English, depending on how much I have to record. I will probably never do a VCV voicebank because Kazumi is already pretty smooth as long as you know how to configure notes and her oto.ini according to song. I also plan on re-recording some sounds in her current Japanese voicebank and including appends (higher & lower notes). If you've noticed from using KAZUMI for a variety of songs, she sounds dead singing some songs and she really doesn't respond well to G-flags. Her range is small (just like my real singing voice ;D).

I also want to finish re-recording Shin, though who knows if I actually will since he sounds a hell lot like Len and I don't think more shotas are necessary.

Sunday, August 8, 2010


Eh, I guess Kazumi 2 should be called ACT2?
I don't really get these terms as usually, aren't they applied to Vocaloid? Ah well.

Here is a new release for KAZUMI {ACT2}.

New updates for this release:
Added a few sounds so that Kazumi can sing Lilium, namely si, ti, tu, etc. Not very major.
Re-recorded a few sounds that were ticking me off. LOL.
Updated the oto.ini -- all sound files should have configured oto.inis. Once again, feel free to alter them to your liking as I honestly have no idea what I was doing. I go by ear & instinct mostly.

Later on this month, I expect to be making a more official release for KAZUMI with new official art.
Oh and a comparison of the two ACTS... though there shouldn't be much difference aside from oto.ini and mic quality.

Art is about 50% done.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


Here is her mostly completed voicebank.
... If you ignore how I rushed through most of the oto.ini.

There's still sounds that are not configured, so feel free to configure (or re-configure them) to your content.

DL →

Monday, July 26, 2010

Update on KAZUMI~

Yah~ I haven't been doing much regarding UTAUs but since I'm home and hopefully this microphone works much better than the one I used at school, I will be trying to re-record all of KAZUMI's voice files. Hohoho. This is going to be a lot of work.

She might sound slightly different & hopefully better once I'm done re-recording everything, so wish her luck! This might take a few days or a few weeks, but hopefully, it'll be sooner than later.

Well then, until later! :3