Saturday, December 4, 2010

【UTAU】 StargazeR 【KAZUMI】

Since the procedure to change VCV ust to CV was requested, here's how to do it for yurahonya's StargazeR ust.

1. Click here and download the Untriphonizer (VCV->CV) Plugin. Also, if you do not already have the UTAU English patch, you should probably download that as well, since that will make following these instructions easier as I have the patch installed. Follow the instructions that come with them to convert the UST to CV first.

2. Yurahonya uses his/her own custom plugins for UTAU so first you have to reset the project settings. To do this go to Project -> Project Properties -> Click the button all the way at the bottom of the box that pops up. (And just in case, click the button to the left of the OK button.) Click 'OK' for any other popup boxes.

3. Now we have to reset the Preutterance & Overlap values. Select all the notes (Ctrl+A) and right click on a note. Go to the last option on the drop-down. In the pop-up box, press the 'Clear' button beside Preutterance & Overlap. Then spacebar on the box for STP. That should clear all three boxes. Then press 'OK'. Once these steps are done, the UST is already pretty much CV.

4. Extra steps to make sure your UTAU sings the ust properly: Select your UTAU of choice. Make sure that if it has special filters to make it better you enter those in the project properties box (in the last line before the 'OK' and 'Cancel' button. Next, select all the notes, press the ACPT, P2P3, and then ACPT button in that order. They should be under the Trace & Render buttons. Finally, click on Render.

Please note that if you reset envelopes and/or use A-la-carte on the entire UST, you might not get the effect that yurahonya (or any ust maker) placed on the notes' pitches.


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