Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Do List

1. Finish Su-su-su-suki, daisuki!
---a. editing KAZUMI's UST
---b. drawing MV
---GOAL: After Halloween
2. Finish Shin's SPICE! demo
---a. making necessary sound files
---b. editing UST
---GOAL: By mid of November
3. Make art for Romeo & Cinderella so vid can be uploaded to Nico
---GOAL: After Halloween
4. Finish Just Be Friends UST
---GOAL: Whenever
5. Finish common Shin Japanese sound files & preliminary release
---GOAL: By end of November
6. Start on KAZUMI's English & Chinese sound files.
---GOAL: November
7. Re-edit Song of Robot's Ear
---GOAL: After Shin's prelim release

KAZUMII : Full Profile

NAME // KAZUMI [カズミ]
/gender-male = KAZUKI [カズキ]
/translation = beautiful harmony
AGE // 16
BIRTH // October 16
HEIGHT // 169 cm [5'6.5"]
ITEM // Glasses
VOICEBANK // Almost finished
CLOTHES // Click
VOICED BY // kazumii (xAkutenshi)

Kazumi is super calm & likes to act cool. This is why, when she sings, she usually sounds like she lacks emotion. Her favorite songs to sing are songs with great guitars & bass. Her best ranges are C4 & C5. C3 makes her sound slightly manly and she hates that. Above C5 makes her sound broken. D;

Aside from wearing & loving punk-lolita fashion, she also doesn't mind being dressed in lolita clothes as long as there aren't way too many frills. She also likes Shibuya-kei and visual-kei.

Slightly, narcissistic, Kazumi loves it when people compliment her. She loves her friends but has a hard time showing it & dotes on her "little brother" Shin.

She loves stalking pretty boys & hot guys. Her favorite things are things that are pretty. For example, flowers, butterflies, sparkly stuff, and cute accessories.

She is disgusted by insects but not scared of them. She hates perverts (especially fat old men) & is scared of getting cooties from them. (hah, cooties)

That's pretty much it~! ;D

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kazumii's USTs

I'm only listing the ones made by me here. For others, you can visit utau-library, which I am following.

When using these, you must give me credit.
All USTs are HIRAGANA. They include UST, original midi, vocal midi, instrumental, and readme.

-under the darkness- by c.g. mix
//Short ver.
//Oct. 21, 2009

Shangri-la by angela
//Fafner of the Azure OP size
//Oct. 17, 2009

Others that are not finished:
Every Heart by BoA (Inuyasha)
Just Be Friends (Megurine Luka - Dixie Flatline)
Like you, Love you -edit- (Kagamine Rin)

I do take requests as long as a midi exists for the song. If you find the midi for me, that's great. I don't mind googling for it either. Depending on my interest in the song, I might do short or full sized.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kichiku megane OP -under the darkness-

Currently, I am working on "-under the darkness-"'s UST.
Yes, that's right, the one that a lot of people want but can't have because it's restricted.

Actaully, it took me 5 minutes to find the midi (it was pretty good & clear-cut too) and then about 30 minutes to extract the vocals.

The lyrics are the worse part because c.g.mix likes to split up their simple one syllables into two syllables. So, for example, yuu (normally pronounced yu) would be yu-u. Imagine that. It sounds terrific, but when I go to input the lyrics (I split up the romaji & then convert to hiragana, which is easier to input by the UTAU lyric box) I have to make sure the lyrics fit up with the syllables.

I'm going to make the short version first, probably with harmonies. I will be releasing this when I make a quickie art for KAZUMI, who will be singing this. Yes, as a girl because she sounds echo-y when she's a man. Shin is too underdeveloped for this song, lol. I want him to sound more natural before I use him for this awesome song! The video will be posted on my youtube & niconico with the UST & MP3.

So, until then~

Shin-kun's debut~ with KAZUMI


Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok~ So I fell in love with this song today~ It's Teto's original, I believe. You can see the PV here.

So adorable~ It's been stuck in my head the whole day already!!
I'm going to put all the other songs I've been working on, on hold and make a duet between KAZUMI and my still in-progress Shin.

Of course, I also wonder if I have time to make cute chibi art for the two of them to go with the song.

I don't even have a design for Shin yet, haha. >_>

The UST was pretty troublesome since it was split into so many different parts. There are two sets of harmonies for some verses and of course, the hiragana didn't show up correctly in the .vsq files so I had to enter them myself. T_T

The song is too good to pass up~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

譜現シン ( Tsugumi Shin )

Yesterday night, I randomly created a new UTAU. It took me a long while to find a name for him. After making his sound file, I tried it out by opening one my Meltdown UST files by Yura Honya and replaced the lyrics to 's. Surprisingly, he sounded exactly like Kagamine Len! Now, I'm wondering if Len's real vocalist sounds like me...

Anyways, he has about 18 voice files currently and it's definitely not enough to make a demo with. I'll continue working on Shin but probably not today because I've got other stuff to do... like studying and decorating my side of the dorm room. The walls are still pretty blank~

Ah! But I will think about Shin's design while I'm working!

See you~

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome to kazumii's UTAU blog~

I actually have no idea how long this obsession is going to last~
(Mood swing-y person, I am).

Anyways, I just spend my time on the wrong things.
I should be studying, haha.

UTAU is a very fun program to use! Especially when you know its something you created~

My first UTAU is KAZUMI.
Kazumi happens to be my favorite Japanese female name. So if you turn KAZUMI male, she should be called KAZUKI, which happens to be my favorite male name for various reasons.

Actually I wanted to make twins but I don't think I can make a male voice bank that sounds the same age as KAZUMI.

KAZUMI's voice is very versatile~ If she goes into lower range, she sounds like Len. If she goes higher, she sounds like Miku and if she stays in the C4 range, she sounds like Luka!
Not that I wanted her to sound like the original Vocaloids... but some interesting stuff, right?

My microphone isn't very high quality so she does sound very fuzzy and she does not enunciate as well as Teto. Very sorry about that~

You can view some concept artwork here at my dA.
And you may download KAZUMI to mess around with here.
And this is my directory where you can download some of her songs~

Currently Working On: Every Heart by BoA cover
Bird of Paradise (Rin song) cover
Migikata no Chou (Len ver.) cover
Meltdown (Rin song) cover

A lot~! :O

Also, I'm wondering if I should take requests for making USTs of anime songs. If I can find the midi for them, it's not that hard~ :D

Thank you for visiting my blog~