Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Kichiku megane OP -under the darkness-

Currently, I am working on "-under the darkness-"'s UST.
Yes, that's right, the one that a lot of people want but can't have because it's restricted.

Actaully, it took me 5 minutes to find the midi (it was pretty good & clear-cut too) and then about 30 minutes to extract the vocals.

The lyrics are the worse part because c.g.mix likes to split up their simple one syllables into two syllables. So, for example, yuu (normally pronounced yu) would be yu-u. Imagine that. It sounds terrific, but when I go to input the lyrics (I split up the romaji & then convert to hiragana, which is easier to input by the UTAU lyric box) I have to make sure the lyrics fit up with the syllables.

I'm going to make the short version first, probably with harmonies. I will be releasing this when I make a quickie art for KAZUMI, who will be singing this. Yes, as a girl because she sounds echo-y when she's a man. Shin is too underdeveloped for this song, lol. I want him to sound more natural before I use him for this awesome song! The video will be posted on my youtube & niconico with the UST & MP3.

So, until then~

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