Tuesday, October 27, 2009

To Do List

1. Finish Su-su-su-suki, daisuki!
---a. editing KAZUMI's UST
---b. drawing MV
---GOAL: After Halloween
2. Finish Shin's SPICE! demo
---a. making necessary sound files
---b. editing UST
---GOAL: By mid of November
3. Make art for Romeo & Cinderella so vid can be uploaded to Nico
---GOAL: After Halloween
4. Finish Just Be Friends UST
---GOAL: Whenever
5. Finish common Shin Japanese sound files & preliminary release
---GOAL: By end of November
6. Start on KAZUMI's English & Chinese sound files.
---GOAL: November
7. Re-edit Song of Robot's Ear
---GOAL: After Shin's prelim release

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