Sunday, October 18, 2009

譜現シン ( Tsugumi Shin )

Yesterday night, I randomly created a new UTAU. It took me a long while to find a name for him. After making his sound file, I tried it out by opening one my Meltdown UST files by Yura Honya and replaced the lyrics to 's. Surprisingly, he sounded exactly like Kagamine Len! Now, I'm wondering if Len's real vocalist sounds like me...

Anyways, he has about 18 voice files currently and it's definitely not enough to make a demo with. I'll continue working on Shin but probably not today because I've got other stuff to do... like studying and decorating my side of the dorm room. The walls are still pretty blank~

Ah! But I will think about Shin's design while I'm working!

See you~

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