Monday, October 19, 2009


Ok~ So I fell in love with this song today~ It's Teto's original, I believe. You can see the PV here.

So adorable~ It's been stuck in my head the whole day already!!
I'm going to put all the other songs I've been working on, on hold and make a duet between KAZUMI and my still in-progress Shin.

Of course, I also wonder if I have time to make cute chibi art for the two of them to go with the song.

I don't even have a design for Shin yet, haha. >_>

The UST was pretty troublesome since it was split into so many different parts. There are two sets of harmonies for some verses and of course, the hiragana didn't show up correctly in the .vsq files so I had to enter them myself. T_T

The song is too good to pass up~

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