Saturday, October 17, 2009

Welcome to kazumii's UTAU blog~

I actually have no idea how long this obsession is going to last~
(Mood swing-y person, I am).

Anyways, I just spend my time on the wrong things.
I should be studying, haha.

UTAU is a very fun program to use! Especially when you know its something you created~

My first UTAU is KAZUMI.
Kazumi happens to be my favorite Japanese female name. So if you turn KAZUMI male, she should be called KAZUKI, which happens to be my favorite male name for various reasons.

Actually I wanted to make twins but I don't think I can make a male voice bank that sounds the same age as KAZUMI.

KAZUMI's voice is very versatile~ If she goes into lower range, she sounds like Len. If she goes higher, she sounds like Miku and if she stays in the C4 range, she sounds like Luka!
Not that I wanted her to sound like the original Vocaloids... but some interesting stuff, right?

My microphone isn't very high quality so she does sound very fuzzy and she does not enunciate as well as Teto. Very sorry about that~

You can view some concept artwork here at my dA.
And you may download KAZUMI to mess around with here.
And this is my directory where you can download some of her songs~

Currently Working On: Every Heart by BoA cover
Bird of Paradise (Rin song) cover
Migikata no Chou (Len ver.) cover
Meltdown (Rin song) cover

A lot~! :O

Also, I'm wondering if I should take requests for making USTs of anime songs. If I can find the midi for them, it's not that hard~ :D

Thank you for visiting my blog~

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