Sunday, October 10, 2010

More updates

Planning an English APPEND for Ayu with my own English CV reclist.
(I think there's way more sounds than Japanese which means her voicebank might be huge after the addition of the APPEND, which is why I'm making it an APPEND. I will be recording all CVs for a vowel sound in one file and then splitting them by oto.ini to save time.)

I redid Shin and decided to make him Ayu's older brother. He sounds like an older, more feminine Len. (Will be releasing Alluring Secret ~black vow~ featuring Shin after I draw a lot of art for it.)
Shin will probably be my private UTAU as his voice sounds too similar to Len and I don't want him to become like a replacement for Len.

I also have a sort of background story for all three of my UTAUs while I was trying to come up with image ideas for Alluring Secret. So I will make a post for that later on.

Also, I'm 1/3 done with editing the UST for SNSD's Genie (JP ver.). The midi I have for it is for the Korean version so some verses needed major editing and I still need to get it more accurate (cuz it's really throwing off the instrumental too, which is horrible for covering with a chorus).
In any case, I picked a couple of Japan UTAUs and overseas UTAUs. I picked mostly deeper toned females (probably not the right term) and left out some UTAUs that I've used already. It sounds really cool and I wish I could just get those 2/3 off tempo verses corrected so I could quickly finish the rest. I picked an UTAU for each member of SNSD too. The art for it is going to give me a lot of trouble too. XD

Priorities for Now:
1. Alluring Secret ~black vow~ (Ayu & Shin)
2. Genie Chorus (9 UTAUs)
3. English prototype APPEND (Ayu)
4. Semi-complete VB for Shin

Other Stuff To Do:
Hotaru UST; Chinese VB.....

***I might release Shin as an English only UTAU if my English reclist works well & I can work my Len voice in English***

Unreleased Songs (still):
- Koi wa Sensou -clubhouse mix- (KAZUMI)
- KazuKazu Night Fever! (KAZUMI)
- Fukai Mori (Fukai Mori)
- Matryoshka (KAZUMI ft. Ruko) - Working on art 20% done

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