Saturday, August 21, 2010

KAZUMI updates & future releases.

First off, I'm working on KAZUMI's official MMD model.
I'm planning on making her head out of two custom girl models; her body out of Gumi, FL-chan, and some other models (probably Piron's stuff).
I'm planning on debuting her model with BeMYSELF, covered by KAZUMI (short version only though.)

When the model is more perfected, I will release Renai Circulation; covered only if I find a good ust or midi for it.

Songs that I have yet to release for KAZUMI
01. Koi wa Sensou -Clubhouse remix-
02. Tsumugi Uta
03. Lilium
04. Mozaik Role

I know I said on my Mozaik Role preview on Youtube that I would finish it by the end of this week, but that's probably not going to happen because I'm a slowpoke and have a short-attention span. LOL.

- - Updates on KAZUMI's oto.ini - - - - - - -
I've been fiddling with KAZUMI's oto.ini and fixed a lot of her sounds except for the overlap/start of note stuff because I still don't get what to do with those. But anyway, KAZUMI sounds great for the most part if you set all the notes to 40ms overlap and pre-utter (and use A LA CARTE note linking). I believe the last version of KAZUMI released had the oto.ini I set for Paradichlorobenzene plus some minor tweaks. The ust for Paradichlorobenezene did not have any linking so I configured the sounds in that song according to ear to make KAZUMI sing more naturally.

- - Future Future Plans - - - - - - - - - - - -
The next time I get back home, I want to expand KAZUMI's voicebank and probably include one or two more languages. As English seems a little complicated, I'll probably do Mandarin and work a little on English, depending on how much I have to record. I will probably never do a VCV voicebank because Kazumi is already pretty smooth as long as you know how to configure notes and her oto.ini according to song. I also plan on re-recording some sounds in her current Japanese voicebank and including appends (higher & lower notes). If you've noticed from using KAZUMI for a variety of songs, she sounds dead singing some songs and she really doesn't respond well to G-flags. Her range is small (just like my real singing voice ;D).

I also want to finish re-recording Shin, though who knows if I actually will since he sounds a hell lot like Len and I don't think more shotas are necessary.

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