Saturday, September 25, 2010

More UTAU projects~

Still working on Mozaik Role--actually, haven't made any progress on it.
Working on a prototype UTAU. Her name is Yagine Ayu and basically her voice is the child version of KAZUMI's. If I like her enough, she will be ACT 2'd over winter break. If she's too similar to KAZUMI, I'll just scrap her and continue updating KAZUMI into full voicebank + Chinese. If I like her better than KAZUMI, I will scrap KAZUMI and make Ayu my main. :3
(Though I secretly wish I had a male voice so I could make a male voicebank.)
Started working on KAZUMI's Chinese voicebank but it fits Ayu's voicebank better so I might change that.

Songs Unreleased:
1. Matryoshka (KAZUMI ft. Yokune Ruko)
2. Fukai Mori
3. Love is War -clubhouse remix-
4. Tsumugi Uta (KAZUKI)
5. Lion (KAZUMI & Yokune Ruko)

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