Sunday, August 8, 2010


Eh, I guess Kazumi 2 should be called ACT2?
I don't really get these terms as usually, aren't they applied to Vocaloid? Ah well.

Here is a new release for KAZUMI {ACT2}.

New updates for this release:
Added a few sounds so that Kazumi can sing Lilium, namely si, ti, tu, etc. Not very major.
Re-recorded a few sounds that were ticking me off. LOL.
Updated the oto.ini -- all sound files should have configured oto.inis. Once again, feel free to alter them to your liking as I honestly have no idea what I was doing. I go by ear & instinct mostly.

Later on this month, I expect to be making a more official release for KAZUMI with new official art.
Oh and a comparison of the two ACTS... though there shouldn't be much difference aside from oto.ini and mic quality.

Art is about 50% done.

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